About K-12

It’s proven — eating certain fruits leads to health benefits that improve cardiovascular health, lower cancer risk and reduce diabetes risk. Fruits are abundant in essential nutrients and vitamins which greatly contribute to our children's health, growth and development.

So it makes a ton of sense that it was a priority to have Fruti Fruit’s first mission be to give children in America a healthy and delicious food option at school. 

Traditionally, it can be a challenge to get our kids to eat healthily. And often times, fruit — chopped for convenience or not — are not eaten or thrown away by kids because it’s reached an unappealing state or it’s presentation is not desirable. 

We've created a new enthusiasm in students for eating fruit. For them to know that their daily serving of fruit will be refreshingly cold, delightfully delicious and good for their bodies will have them looking forward to their next Fruti Fruit experience every time. This enthusiasm has been share by all involved with our nearly a decade of experience supplying our product to US schools.

If you are a food service broker, distributor or school, contact us by filling out your information here on this page and join the Fruti Fruit movement!
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