Our Story

Fruti Fruit is here to revolutionize the way we consume fruit. We are leading the charge in the development of efficient and sustainable fruit processing solutions for freshness and longer shelf life without any food additives or preservatives.

Based in Los Angeles, we created a delicious, all-natural frozen fruit product with the goal of supplying schools with a healthy snack option that kids and their parents could feel great about. As we exceeded expectations, we knew this was a product to be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

As we continue to grow, we are implementing a culture of change — to adapt to a new way of eating fresh fruit and inviting all those, fruit lovers or not, to join this healthy culture. From picking the crops from several countries around the world, to processing and packaging and all the way to consumption, we make sure everything about Fruti Fruit is met with the highest standards. 

So, get ready grab a tube from your local stores and enjoy a perfectly fresh and cold healthy serving of pineapple, mango and pomegranate (just to name the starting lineup!). We’re excited for you to grow with Fruti Fruit!

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