COVID-19 Relief

We Got Your Back

We're gonna try to put a smile on your face during this tough time.

We know you are limiting your grocery trips and barely going past your front door. It's also unfortunate that your perishable fruit keeps letting you down, turning bruised, brown or soft in just a couple of days if uneaten. Enter, a solution!


When we say we’re changing the way we eat fruit, we mean it. Imagine eating your favorite fruit and every bite is refreshing and delicious. That’s because we source only the best fruit from around the world, in peak season, at its prime ripeness. We then pack the perfectly diced fruit chunks into a tube that turns into an amazing frozen grab-and-go product just for you. We guarantee freshness in the freezer for two years unlike all the other fruit you buy from the grocery store. There are no additives, juices or perservatives in our product. Just 100% fresh, cold, always seasonal, always perfect — Fruti Fruit.


2-year shelf life | No Additives | Anti-Oxidant | No Juice | Ready to Eat | Easy to Open | No Preservatives | No Added Sugar | Gluten and Dairy Free | Non-GMO | Kosher | Vegan


Fruti Fruit is offering the community easy access to an all-natural, delicious treat delivered right to your door at a 50% discount to get you through this challenging time. And best of all, 10% of proceeds will be donated to the COVID-19 LA County Response Fund. We are also donating product to food banks and schools across Los Angeles.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,

Fruti Fruit


12 Count Mango Snowpal
On sale

12 Count Mango Snowpal

$11.88 $23.99
24 Count Mango Snowpal
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50 Count Mango Snowpal
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100 Count Mango Snowpal
On sale
12 Count Pineapple Snowpal
On sale
24 Count Pineapple Snowpal
On sale
50 Count Pineapple Snowpal
On sale
100 Count Pineapple Snowpal
On sale

Listen for yourself...

It Is A Fact

Enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

100% fruit, 100% natural and 100% treat. That's what makes Fruti Fruit the most family friendly snack choice around.

Freshly harvested fruit picked at its peak of ripeness.

You can take the guesswork out of whether or not our fruit will taste great. Our fruit is always seasonal, sourced around the world and packed locally - ensuring you're eating the best and freshest every time.