We are a revolutionary company in manufacturing fruit processing and packaging for supplying fresh and frozen “ready to eat” fruit products, and a developer in providing the most efficient and sustainable fruit processing solutions for freshness and longer shelf life without any food additives or preservatives.

About Our Company

Fruti Fruit is a California corporation based in Los Angeles, United States. We are engaged in branding single serving processed fresh and frozen fruit products with long term shelf life without use of any additives or preservatives that are packaged for consumer healthy consumption to be sold through retail or other major distribution channels.

As we continue to grow, we strive to reinforce a culture of change to adapt a new way for eating ready fruits to consumer preferences and continuously serving their needs as well as tapping into potential markets. From picking the crops, processing and packaging to consumption, Fruti Fruit, Inc. offers its consumers the assurance of perfectly fresh and frozen fruits overlooking the entire process from harvesting to packing and distribution.

We deliver quality, operational excellence and innovation in food processing techniques and technology.


RELIABILITY: To deliver the finest quality products and services

CREATIVITY: Innovations and ideas

HONESTY: Moral conduct and integrity

DEVOTION: To consumers, distributors and personnel

EXPERTISE: Performances and knowledge

FLEXIBILITY: Implementation, adoption and improvement