Our Process

All Fruti Fruit fresh and frozen products consist of packaged fresh fruit in different varieties without use of additives or preservatives.

We have developed a technology to allow the packaged fruit to last longer through its revolutionary packaging process. The sealed packaged tube was developed to mimic the actual respiration rate of the fruit and to stop the unwanted outside air particles such as; nitrogen and oxygen, from penetrating the packaging and oxidizing the fruit, resulting in poor flavor and eventual spoilage.

Fruti Fruit diligently monitors all phases of its production process, whether fresh or frozen, our highly equipped and staffed quality control division completely monitors the fruit production and packaging.

We repeatedly screen from the start of the production complete through the packaging and finished product measures.

Fruti Fruit platform eliminates any guesswork in buying fruits.

If it doesn’t taste perfect, we simply won’t pack it!

We believe that integrity, trustworthiness and honesty are integral to who we are as a company. We insist in partnership with our suppliers and consumers. We insist on supporting “Fair Trade” principles and ethical business practices in all our business trades and eco-friendly policies.

Fruti Fruit ensures the packed fruits are as nutritious, healthy and tasty as the day they were packed.

Fruti Fruit never uses additives, preservatives or heat processing methods to prepare any of its products!

The goal of the company is to change the way the public store and consumes fruit while increasing the convenience of doing so. It will be beneficial to consumers as it eliminates the concerns of fruit preparation, storage, and shelf life.

Our unique no fuss packaging allows the consumer to enjoy tasty 100% fresh and frozen fruit on the go!