Fruit Production Process

Our processing method for fresh and frozen fruit products is a true revolution in natural preservation and safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. It all starts with Product Recognition, harvesting and timing of our produce, followed by our innovative "Fresh and Frozen Fruit Processing" and our revolutionary packaging.

Considering fresh ready cut fruit has usually an average of 3 to 5 days of shelf life, our products have a revolutionary safety shelf life of 30 days to 24 months on average basis!

  • There is absolutely nothing but 100% fresh fruit packed in our tubes
  • No preservatives or additives and no heat process pasteurizing

Fruit Fruit diligently monitors all phases of its production process, whether fresh or frozen, our highly equipped and staffed quality control division completely monitors the fruit production and packaging.

Our products have no added sugar and they are not fortified with absolutely anything!

Fresh Fruit Process

Fruti Fruit utilizes a non-thermal process to destroy any possibility of food-borne pathogens such as Listeria, E. Coli and Salmonella.

We pride ourselves on keeping fresh and frozen products at their best!

Our Fresh Fruit Process inactivates microorganisms that cause spoilage, naturally preserving the freshness of our products. And because this process doesn't expose our products to the damaging effects of high temperatures, the fruits retain more of their fresh taste, texture, color and nutrients.

Fruit Fruit platform eliminates any guesswork in buying fruits!