Consumers Frequently Asked Questions

1What is inside Fruti Fruit Packaging Snowpal Tubes?
Just a delicious and safely processed frozen fruit without any additives, preservatives or added sugar. Our unique "NO Fuss, NO Mess" packaging allows the consumer to enjoy tasty 100% natural frozen fruit on the go!
Ingredients: "Only Fresh processed fruit, THAT’S ALL"
2What makes Fruti Fruit products more essential and different from the other ready to eat packed frozen fruit products in the market?
At Fruti Fruit we bring the freshness and pure elements to our products without any added substances, we ensure 100% natural food consumption unlike the other packed fruit products in the market. Our Frozen fruit Snowpal tubes are children friendly, easy to open, hassle free, non-GMO, Gluten and dairy free with no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, no added sweetener.
Nothing artificial, "YOU CAN EAT IT ANYWHERE-ANYTIME".
3Where can I buy Fruti Fruit Pineapple Snowpal?
At the present, you can only purchase Fruti Fruit Pineapple & Mango Snowpal from our dedicated kiosks and designated supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores.
4How long can Fruti Fruit products be kept out of the freezer before it can be safely consumed?
To enjoy the best taste of the fruit, we recommend to consume Fruti Fruit Snowpal before it is fully defrosted. Thawed fruit shall be immediately consumed or to be refrigerated.
5 Can Fruti Fruit Snowpal products be refrozen after taking them out of the freezer?
NO, re-freezing is strongly not recommended since our processing technology ensures our standards for freshness, taste and nutritional value, safety and appearance as long as the product is kept frozen in freezer. Defrosted product can be kept in refrigerator for later consumption unopened.
6What is the shelf life of Fruti Fruit Snowpal products?
Fruti Fruit Snowpal tubes have a revolutionary safety shelf life of 24 months as long as they are kept frozen at -18°C temperature.
7How can Fruti Fruit Snowpal products have a two-year shelf life without preservatives?
Fruti fruit’s innovative and state of the art frozen processing method helps the packed fruit products retain its sensory qualities, texture, color and nutritional content. That’s how we offer great value to our consumers by keeping our products as fresh as the day they were originally packed.
8Can Fruti Fruit processed products be kept in the fridge instead of the freezer?
Yes, but in order to keep the product fresh and tasty within its shelf life, it is essential that Fruti Fruit Snowpal tubes remain frozen and consumed before it is fully defrosted.
9Are Fruti Fruit Snowpal products Gluten and dairy free?
Absolutely, yes!
10Are fruti Fruit Snowpal Products 100% made of fresh fruits without any additives?
YES, there is absolutely nothing but fresh fruits packed in our tubes! “NO preservatives” “NO additives” and “NO heat processing” methods. We bring the freshness and pure elements to our products. We make sure you get all essential Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Just a fresh and great taste!
11Does Fruti Fruit Snowpal products have the same nutrients as fresh fruits?
At Fruti Fruit our processed fruits are as fresh as the day we packed them. Fruti Fruit takes away the guesswork in buying fruit. If it doesn’t taste perfect, we simply won’t pack it!
12Does Fruti Fruit Products loose its nutritional value after being frozen?
Not at all, our processing and filling method combined with our state of the art tube skin design putting back your great tasting and nutritious ready cut fruits into a new skin that protects the fruit and naturally preserves its great taste and nutritional values, which ultimately remain as nutritious, healthy and tasty as the day they were packed!
13Are Fruti Fruit Snowpal Products prepared by using heat-processing method?
No, Fruti fruit never uses heat processing methods to prepare any of its products.
14Where are the origin of fresh Fruits sourced and procured for Fruti Fruit processing?
We source only the highest quality fruits that meet our standards for freshness, taste, nutritional value, safety, appearance and consumer needs. We procure quality fresh Pineapple only from the certified producers and growers who meet our standards in United States, Canada, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil and Peru.