Diets & Lifestyles

Building your own diet program based on the amount of calories consumed. Choose any of the Fruti fruit products and your desired quantities. Detox, weight control and maintain your Health with Fruti Fruit most delicious packed fruit products.

With Fruti Fruit Products you can manage a Fruit Diet Weight Control Program... Have it Your Way!

Whether you are on a weight loss program or healthy diet, fruits are essential for your nutrition and vitamin needs. With the present paste of life globally, you find yourself not eating enough amount of fruits since its consumption involves lengthy time to buying and preparing. Storing fresh cut fruits in home refrigerators are limited and if they are not consumed within a day or two eventually will spoil and rotten.

Fruti Fruit offers a remedy to save time and hassle to pre-pack real fresh and frozen fruits without any additives with a longer shelf life at your fingertips. With Fruti Fruit products all you have to do is opening the fridge or freezer, grab a tube and enjoy.

We call it a healthier lifestyle, not a diet!